CURAPROX toothpastes

Mind the gap! Mild toothpaste, strong oral health.

CURAPROX toothpastes

The toothpaste with the foreign-sounding word: the lactoperoxidase system boosts the natural protective function. Without SLS, there are fewer irritations like mouth ulcers.

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Features of CURAPROX toothpastes


  • No foaming agent SLS: gentle on the mouth
  • Lactoperoxidase system: boosts natural saliva protection
  • Double protection against caries with sodium fluoride and lactoperoxidase system
  • Mild taste
  • Enamel-friendly
  • Caries protection from readily available sodium fluoride
  • Also available as a whitening toothpaste Black Is White


The oral mucosa hates SLS

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) attacks the cells of the mouth. This leads to irritation and injuries proven to favour the formation of painful soreness and even mouth ulcers. … [more]

The lactoperoxidase system boosts natural saliva protection

The enzymes in Enzycal toothpaste with their lactoperoxidase system boost saliva protection in a natural way … [more]

Teeth-whitening the Curaprox way

Curaprox has trendy lifestyle products doing jobs nobody actually thinks are possible to fulfill. The Black Is White exemplifies this fact best: atraumatic, effective, accepted. … [more]