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  • Dental Bern 2016, Bern (Switzerland), 9th - 11th of June 2016
  • EOS 2016, European Orthodontic Society, Stockholm (Sweden), 11th - 16th of Jun 2016
  • International Symposium in Dental Hygiene, Basel (Switzerland), 23rd - 25th of June 2016
  • FDI Congress 2016, World Dental Federation, Poznan (Poland), 07th - 10th of Sep 2016

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In 1972, we produced the first interdental brushes for primary prophylaxis that were also intended for people who did not have any lesions or gingivitis. Here is a brief review:

  • 2014 Introduction of implant-saver, the elastic dental floss. The new type of cleaning motion of this global innovation takes care of the sulcus around implants
  • 2014 Introduction of CS smart, the toothbrush for children and adults: 7,600 filaments with a diameter of 0.08mm
  • 2014 Enzycal toothpaste is available in three versions, one of which contains no fluoride
  • 2012 Introduction of dental floss DF 845 implant & braces with thick, fleecy thread and threader: for the first time, threaders are available that do not soften and swell due to saliva but remain stable
  • 2011 Introduction of the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush with CUREN® filaments. Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ulrich P. Saxer
  • 2009 The patented pacifier designed by Dr. med. dent. Herbert Pick to prevent malocclusions and jaw deformations is added to Curaden’s product range
  • 2006 Introduction of CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush: 5,460 CUREN® filaments on one brush
  • 2006 Development and introduction of Enzycal, the SLS-free, lactoperoxidase toothpaste that helps prevent mouth ulcers
  • 2005 Introduction of iTOP and touch-2-teach to motivate and instruct oral care trainers and patients
  • 2000 Patenting of CURAL®: a nickel-free alloy offering a breaking strength five times higher for use in interdental brushes; used in CPS prime
  • 2000 Introduction of CPS prime 06, the finest yet stable interdental brush worldwide
  • 2000 Development of the baby range with teething ring and baby toothbrush based on the University of Berne’s patented and award-winning teething ring-baby’s first toothbrush concept
  • 2000 Patenting of expanding dental floss for implants scheduled for market introduction in 2013
  • 2000 Introduction of CURASEPT with ADS®, the first and only chlorhexidine rinse without brown discoloration and without taste impairment
  • 1999 Development of the first surgical toothbrush, CS surgical mega soft, for post-operative care
  • 1998 Introduction of the first special spiral brushes for implant care: CPS implant
  • 1997 Introduction of CPS prime interdental brushes for primary prophylaxis aimed at healthy and closed interdental spaces. “A revolution in oral care”, according to Ueli Breitschmid
  • 1996 Patenting of the IAP probes for the measurement of interdental spaces; supplementary IAC instruction cards for patients. Only the correct accessibility combined with maximum brush diameter can protect against gum diseases
  • 1995 Development of the single tuft brush CS Single with CUREN® filaments
  • 1994 Patenting of the denture brush with BDC Omega brush for inner surfaces
  • 1994 Introduction of BDC denture care based on citric acid
  • 1993 Development of CS toothbrushes with CUREN® filaments
  • 1986 Patenting of the adjustable joint holder and click system for interdental brushes
  • 1982 Patenting of the CPS system with the 410 metal holder and the introduction of CPS 10, the finest interdental brushes worldwide
  • 1979 Noldi Braun from the Toggenburg region designs the CS toothbrushes
  • 1972 Development and introduction of the LS 631, the finest interdental brush at that time; for the very first time, stainless steel surgery wire ensures maximum stability