iTOP – individually trained oral prophylaxis

At our iTOP seminars, you learn the knowledge and the individual technique of how to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime and be able to pass this invaluable knowledge on to your patients. After an iTOP course we guarantee you’ll have a whole new take on your and your patients oral hygiene.

iTOP is not mere theory: Med. dent. Franka Baranovic Huber uses the “touch to teach” approach to show just where to pay attention in individual dental care.

Important finding

All mechanical activities have to be learned. Whether you are doing implants or simply using your orthodontic tweezers perfectly, training is needed, instructed and supervised by a teacher. And a good teacher will always be up-to-date and have practised accordingly.


Experience has shown that implementing iTOP in a dental practice not only results in more satisfied patients but also has a positive effect on the working ambience.