Sonic toothbrush CURAPROX Hydrosonic

Hydrosonic toothbrush

Sonic toothbrush CURAPROX Hydrosonic

Clean has never been so gentle. Especially where it matters: along the gum line and in hidden niches. Even between the teeth.

The Hydrosonic story

«As often happens, it all started by chance: At Zurich’s main station, among all the people bustling to catch their trains during rush hour, I met Professor Ueli Saxer. He had time to sit down for a coffee and so we talked in the “Au premier” restaurant about the proper way to clean teeth. I was curious because Ueli Saxer had been deeply involved in the topic of sonic toothbrushes.

Of course I had an ulterior motive. Is it possible, I asked Ueli Saxer, to make a sonic toothbrush that’s better than all the others already available? Yes, said Ueli Saxer, by using the right brush head.

So here it is – our first jointly developed brush head. Good luck with your start into a new era of oral hygiene.»

Good reasons

Manual toothbrushes generally clean just as well as electric toothbrushes, if used correctly, however there are now more reasons for looking to use the CURAPROX Hydrosonic. It doesn’t matter if there are complicated tooth alignments, braces, implants, difficult to clean bridges – with the Hydrosonic there is no longer anything that’s difficult to clean. People who also have difficulty with fine motor skills will also find that brushing with the Hydrosonic is a major help.

Useful helpers - This is the hydrodynamic effect

This is the hydrodynamic effect

«Hydro» means «water»; «dynamic» is also from the Greek and means «force» or «power». In fact, it’s not just the bristles that do the cleaning but also the mixture of saliva, water and toothpaste, which are all in the mouth when brushing. The power of 32,000 strokes per minute creates turbulences in the water in the mouth, and this has so much force that this oral fluid finds its way into the interdental spaces, niches and periodontal pockets where it swishes away plaque and bacteria. The swirling bristles thus force this oral fluid to go exactly where it is of importance – but where the bristles cannot reach on their own. – This not only benefits oral health but also health in general: the fact that the periodontal pockets are also cleaned in particular because of this effect can even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases: bacteria are flushed out of the periodontal pockets and so do not enter the bloodstream.

Useful helpers - Recommended by independent professionals

Recommended by independent professionals

Amazingly few sonic toothbrushes have it: the hydrodynamic effect. The independent «Sonic hydrodynamic task force» recommends the CURAPROX Hydrosonic Ortho as one of the very few sonic toothbrushes that actually has this effect – and thus also cleans where the bristles cannot reach: in interdental spaces and periodontal pockets as well as in the niches in implants and braces.

Useful helpers - Innovative Swiss brush head technology

Innovative Swiss brush head technology

Whether right at the very back, behind the last molar, or at the very front, on the inside of the incisor, below the wire. How can these areas be accessed and cleaned properly? The one answer: the perfect CURACURVE® bend makes this possible. It’s child’s play. The other answer: the drop-like design of the “sensitive” and “power” heads guarantees perfect cleaning results in all areas. After all, Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer designed these brush heads to enable them to reach and surround every single tooth. The result: optimal cleaning.

Useful helpers - “sensitive”, “power”, “single”: introducing the brush heads

“sensitive”, “power”, “single”: introducing the brush heads

With the Hydrosonic Ortho, you get three first-class brush heads. The “sensitive” brush head is wonderfully gentle yet efficient and is ideal for sensitive gums and periodontitis. The “power” brush head is powerful yet gentle and is designed for normal, healthy gums. The “single” tuft brush head allows you to clean the contact points between the teeth and orthodontic appliances such as brackets, lingual brackets and retainers to perfection as well as care for the gingival margin. That is innovative Swiss brush head technology.

Useful helpers - The choice is yours, sensitive or power: Hydrosonic replacement brush heads

The choice is yours, sensitive or power: Hydrosonic replacement brush heads

Each Hydrosonic pack contains a sensitive and a power brush head. The CHS 200 sensitive is ideal for newcomers to sonic toothbrushes: particularly gentle and effective yet with tremendous cleaning performance. The CHS 300 power brush head provides top performance for sonic toothbrush professionals: this power brush head cleans to perfection yet is extremely gentle and effective.

Useful helpers - Handle with 45-degree ergonomics

Handle with 45-degree ergonomics

When brushing teeth it is vital that the gum line is cleaned too, but in most cases this is not achieved as holding the brush at the correct angle is often difficult. The Hydrosonic makes this easy as it has depressions on its handle that ensures the angle the brush approaches the teeth and gums is correct, so perfect results can be achieved each and every time you brush.

Black is the new white

Pitch black and absolutely stunning: the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush from Curaprox combines performance and design to perfection. And on top of that, we also offer the first whitening toothpaste that genuinely boosts your oral health too. More information