CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonic toothbrushes

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CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonic toothbrushes

Brushing your teeth has never been so gentle and effective, thanks to hydrodynamics and our innovative brush heads: perfect cleaning at the gumline in hidden niches – yes, even in the areas between your teeth.

Useful helpers - With up to 42,000 strokes

With up to 42,000 strokes

Using the CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush is a real pleasure as it literally strokes the teeth clean. This makes our Hydrosonic both safe and easy that even a child uses it with no trouble at all. People who have braces or an implant will be particularly relieved as brushing has never been so simple, fast and thorough. Even people with sensitive gums finally breathe a sigh of relief as the Hydrosonic encourages a professional approach to dental care. As part of your Hydrosonic kit you will also receive CPS prime interdental brushes and a sample of our Enzycal toothpaste, all presented in a handy travel box. The Hydrosonic toothbrush really is the start of a new era in oral health.

Useful helpers - Hydrosonic – three models, one principle

Hydrosonic – three models, one principle

The Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush is available in three models: Easy, Pro and ‘Black Is White’. Easy provides pure, simple performance: gentle, thorough cleaning in three modes. Pro is the ideal toothbrush for people with implants, braces or gum problems, owing to the three different special brush heads and seven intensity levels. The Hydrosonic ‘Black Is White’ is our designer model: stylish, elegant, black. All models are operated intuitively and clean in a gentle yet thorough manner thanks to up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute, the innovative brush heads and the hydrodynamic effect. Which model is the right one for you?

The Hydrosonic story

«As often happens, it all started by chance: At Zurich’s main station, among all the people bustling to catch their trains during rush hour, I met Professor Ueli Saxer. He had time to sit down for a coffee and so we talked in the “Au premier” restaurant about the proper way to clean teeth. I was curious because Ueli Saxer had been deeply involved in the topic of sonic toothbrushes.

Of course I had an ulterior motive. Is it possible, I asked Ueli Saxer, to make a sonic toothbrush that’s better than all the others already available? Yes, said Ueli Saxer, by using the right brush head.

So here it is – our first jointly developed brush head. Good luck with your start into a new era of oral hygiene.»

Useful helpers - Great arguments

Great arguments

Manual toothbrushes generally clean just as well as sonic toothbrushes. However, there are great arguments for the convenience and advantages of the CURAPROX Hydrosonic: whether you have complex tooth positioning, braces, implants or difficult-to-clean bridges – you can now clean everything easily. People who struggle with fine motor skills will also find the Hydrosonic to be a huge help.

Useful helpers - Introducing the hydrodynamic effect

Introducing the hydrodynamic effect

‘Hydro’ means water; ‘dynamic’ also comes from Greek and means: woah, something’s happening. Namely, this: in addition to the brushing motion, cleaning is also performed by the mixture of saliva, water and toothpaste that you hold in your mouth while brushing. How? Like this: 32,000 brush strokes per minute generate turbulence which flushes the liquid in your mouth into gaps, niches and periodontal pockets, thus washing away plaque and bacteria.

Useful helpers - Health begins in your mouth

Health begins in your mouth

The excellent cleaning you get from the Hydrosonic improves your oral health, and thus your overall health. After all, well cleaned periodontal pockets can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases: bacteria in the periodontal pockets are flushed away. As a result, they cannot make their way into your bloodstream. And that’s a really good thing.

Useful helpers - Recommended by independent professionals

Recommended by independent professionals

Surprisingly few sonic toothbrushes have it: the hydrodynamic effect. The independent ‘Sonic hydrodynamics task force’ recommends the CURAPROX Hydrosonic as one of very few sonic toothbrushes that actually feature this effect – and are thus able to clean the areas that the bristles cannot reach: gaps between your teeth, hidden niches and periodontal pockets.

Useful helpers - Why is the Hydrosonic different from other sonic toothbrushes?

Why is the Hydrosonic different from other sonic toothbrushes?

Arguably sonic toothbrushes are the most efficient and convenient aids to clean teeth, however there are already considerable numbers of these products on the market, so which one is for you? The one of the most important parts of a toothbrush, manual or electric, is in its head and the bristles used. The Hydrosonic uses incredibly soft and fine CUREN® filaments which are ultimately responsible for the decisive difference.

Useful helpers - How to spin and turn it

How to spin and turn it

A toothbrush is only as good as its bristles, including their quality and the way in which they are arranged. In sonic toothbrushes this involves the whole brush head, and we at CURAPROX develop our own brush heads together which dental professionals such as Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer. The result is some serious vibration – at the highest level of innovation.

What does the Hydrosonic toothbrush offer?

Cleaning with a manual toothbrush is not all that easy unless you know the right technique, and who can honestly say they know what this is? All too often, manual tooth brushing results in scrubbing back and forth with far too much pressure, causing actual damage by ineffective cleaning. In comparison the CURAPROX Hydrosonic ensures that both teeth and gums are efficiently cleaned both gently and softly.

Useful helpers - Introducing innovative Swiss brush head technology

Introducing innovative Swiss brush head technology

That’s it, right at the back, behind the last molar. As well as right at the front, on the inside of your incisor, below the wire. How can you reach and properly clean these areas? The answer: CURACURVE® – the perfect bend makes it possible. Easy peasy. The other answer: perfect cleaning everywhere thanks to the droplet shape of the ‘sensitive’ and ‘power’ brush heads. Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer designed these brush heads to include every individual tooth. The result: optimum cleaning.

Useful helpers - CUREN® filaments: particularly soft and effective for ideal prophylaxis

CUREN® filaments: particularly soft and effective for ideal prophylaxis

In actual fact, most of the bristles used on commercially available sonic toothbrushes have a diameter of 0.2 mm, the CUREN® filaments on a Hydrosonic are only 0.152 mm in diameter. What this means in plain English is that a CUREN® filament makes it easy to access particularly critical areas for incredibly soft cleaning of:

  • gum line
  • any periodontal pockets
  • between the teeth
  • hidden crevices
  • around implants
  • braces and brackets.

Useful helpers - CUREN® bristles: particularly gentle and effective for optimal prophylaxis

CUREN® bristles: particularly gentle and effective for optimal prophylaxis

Fact: most bristles in conventional sonic toothbrushes have a diameter of 0.2 millimetres. Ours are a maximum of 0.152 millimetres – fine and gentle. And they are made of CUREN® instead of nylon, which has a significant benefit: CUREN® hardly absorbs any water, so performance remains constant. Thanks to the droplet-shaped arrangement, the bristles wrap around each individual tooth, cleaning it more effectively. What’s more, they’re wonderfully soft – even with 42,000 brush strokes per minute. This means the particularly critical spots are cleaned better:

  • your gumline
  • any periodontal pockets
  • between your teeth
  • hidden niches
  • around implants
  • dental braces and brackets

Useful helpers - The choice is yours, sensitive or power: Hydrosonic replacement brush heads

The choice is yours, sensitive or power: Hydrosonic replacement brush heads

Each Hydrosonic pack contains a sensitive and a power brush head. The CHS 200 sensitive is ideal for newcomers to sonic toothbrushes: particularly gentle and effective yet with tremendous cleaning performance. The CHS 300 power brush head provides top performance for sonic toothbrush professionals: this power brush head cleans to perfection yet is extremely gentle and effective.

Useful helpers - “sensitive”, “power”, “single”: introducing our brush heads

“sensitive”, “power”, “single”: introducing our brush heads

With the Hydrosonic Pro, you receive three top-class brush heads. First, the ‘sensitive’ brush head which is particularly gentle and highly efficient for use on sensitive gums and in cases of periodontitis. Second, the ‘power’ brush head which is gentle yet powerful for normal, healthy gums. And third, the single-tuft brush head ‘single’ to perfectly clean contact points between teeth and orthodontic devices such as braces, lingual brackets and retainers – all the while optimally caring for your gumline. This is innovative Swiss brush head technology.

Useful helpers - Handset with 45-degree ergonomics

Handset with 45-degree ergonomics

It is important to clean your gums, too. To achieve this, all you need to do is hold your toothbrush against your teeth and gums at the right angle. The Hydrosonic makes this easy thanks to the notches on the handset. Holding the Hydrosonic at a slight angle becomes simple: half on your gum, half on the tooth.

Powerful motor with three cleaning modes

The Hydrosonic offers up to 42,000 strokes per minute and the powerful motor permits three cleaning modes: «Intensive» is ideal for the proper removal of biofilm bacteria. «Soft» cleans sensitive teeth and gums gently and safely and «Massage» for massaging gums or for simply getting used to this new way of brushing teeth.

Useful helpers - Ideal for children over four and adolescents

Ideal for children over four and adolescents

CURAPROX Hydrosonic is also recommended for young teeth ensuring effective cleaning right from the start. In the early years children’s motor skills are not yet fully developed and brushing with a manual toothbrush often leaves many areas untouched. Thanks to sonic technology and CUREN® filaments, children can now achieve far greater brushing success. Experience has shown us that children brush for longer and are happier with their brushing experience with a Hydrosonic toothbrush, opposed to simply scrubbing back and forth at full force with a manual toothbrush. Ensure their teeth get off to the right start.

Useful helpers - For implants and braces

For implants and braces

In particular, wearers of implants or braces benefit from Hydrosonic’s cleaning performance, as they need to pay particular attention to their oral hygiene. There are many extra crevices that need careful cleaning and the Hydrosonic is ideal for this: it accesses the critical places and cleans them gently and carefully. Instead of worry lines due to a lack of oral health, people have a smile on their face, a smile of pleasure at having sparkling clean teeth, implants and braces.

Useful helpers - Supplied with the Hydrosonic: CPS prime interdental brushes …

Supplied with the Hydrosonic: CPS prime interdental brushes …

Regardless of how well you brush your teeth or what the media promise, brushing alone is not enough. Anyone who wants to ensure that the spaces between the teeth are also clean and healthy will be delighted by our Curaprox CPS prime interdental brush range. These little brushes are so soft and effective that interdental cleaning will be a real pleasure. In comparison to dental floss they are considerably easier to use and really clean the many tiny crevices between the teeth.

Useful helpers - … and CURAPROX enzycal toothpaste

… and CURAPROX enzycal toothpaste

Enzycal toothpaste is a particularly mild toothpaste that is gentle on teeth, gums and oral mucosa. People who wish to avoid irritating and controversial toothpaste ingredients will at last be pleased to find that enzycal is the perfect choice, without a mouth ulcer in sight.


In addition Enzycal toothpaste does not foam as much as other toothpastes making it an ideal partner for our sonic toothbrushes.   The sonic waves are not hampered by the foam but spread out unhindered. This is how sonic toothbrushes can truly exploit their benefits: thanks to sonic waves, they also clean where other filaments cannot reach.

Black is the new white

Pitch black and absolutely stunning: the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush from Curaprox combines performance and design to perfection. And on top of that, we also offer the first whitening toothpaste that genuinely boosts your oral health too. More information