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5. March 2013 Curaprox is now producing its toothpaste in Switzerland
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  • Curaprox is the oral care brand of Curaden AG in the premium segment
  • Curaden AG was formed in 1972 and has set the pace in oral care as recommended by dental professionals. The goal is to achieve the highest possible acceptance with maximum efficacy and lowest possible adverse effect
  • In the end, it is users who decide on the efficacy and/or harmfulness of an oral care product. Based on this insight and in cooperation with Jiri Sedelmayer († 2019), Curaden has developed methods and training sessions for individually-trained oral prophylaxis (iTOP). Staff working in surgeries, pharmacies and care facilities are trained in teeth cleaning in line with this iTOP concept.
  • Curaden is a Swiss-owned company domiciled in Kriens near Lucerne, Switzerland. Products are sold globally around the world. All CURAPROX products are designed and developed in Switzerland, which is where the majority are also manufactured
  • Number of employees in Switzerland: 34
  • Subsidiaries in England, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mexico, Brazil, France. With distribution partners worldwide


  • Curaprox biedt mondverzorgingsproducten om mond en tanden gezond te houden op elke leeftijd - van baby's tot mensen van gevorderde leeftijd.
  • Het assortiment richt zich primair op preventieve zorg door middel van mechanische reiniging, onderverdeeld in producten voor primaire preventie (om ziekte te voorkomen) en producten om de behandeling te begeleiden (om de gezondheid tijdens en na de behandeling te herstellen en te behouden).
  • De belangrijkste producten in primaire preventie: CPS prime interdentale borstels, CS 5460 ultra zachte tandenborstels, CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonische tandenborstels, Enzycal tandpasta, CURAPROX Baby bijtring en fopspeen.
  • De belangrijkste producten die gepaard gaan met de behandeling (secundaire preventie): Curasept ADS® chloorhexidine mondspoelmiddelen, post-operatieve tandenborstels, CPS Perio, BDC-prothetische zorg.
  • Productontwikkeling: in samenwerking met tandheelkundige professionals op het gebied van onderwijs en onderzoek en tandartspraktijken
  • Distributie: Apotheek, drogist en online.


In 1972, we produced the first interdental brushes for primary prophylaxis that were also intended for people who did not have any lesions or gingivitis. Here is a brief review:

  • 2014 Introduction of implant-saver, the elastic dental floss. The new type of cleaning motion of this global innovation takes care of the sulcus around implants
  • 2014 Introduction of CS smart, the toothbrush for children and adults: 7,600 filaments with a diameter of 0.08mm
  • 2014 Enzycal toothpaste is available in three versions, one of which contains no fluoride
  • 2012 Introduction of dental floss DF 845 implant & braces with thick, fleecy thread and threader: for the first time, threaders are available that do not soften and swell due to saliva but remain stable
  • 2011 Introduction of the Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush with CUREN® filaments. Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ulrich P. Saxer
  • 2009 The patented pacifier designed by Dr. med. dent. Herbert Pick to prevent malocclusions and jaw deformations is added to Curaden’s product range
  • 2006 Introduction of CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush: 5,460 CUREN® filaments on one brush
  • 2006 Development and introduction of Enzycal, the SLS-free, lactoperoxidase toothpaste that helps prevent mouth ulcers
  • 2005 Introduction of iTOP and touch-2-teach to motivate and instruct oral care trainers and patients
  • 2000 Patenting of CURAL®: a nickel-free alloy offering a breaking strength five times higher for use in interdental brushes; used in CPS prime
  • 2000 Introduction of CPS prime 06, the finest yet stable interdental brush worldwide
  • 2000 Development of the baby range with teething ring and baby toothbrush based on the University of Berne’s patented and award-winning teething ring-baby’s first toothbrush concept
  • 2000 Patenting of expanding dental floss for implants scheduled for market introduction in 2013
  • 2000 Introduction of CURASEPT with ADS®, the first and only chlorhexidine rinse without brown discoloration and without taste impairment
  • 1999 Development of the first surgical toothbrush, CS surgical mega soft, for post-operative care
  • 1998 Introduction of the first special spiral brushes for implant care: CPS implant
  • 1997 Introduction of CPS prime interdental brushes for primary prophylaxis aimed at healthy and closed interdental spaces. “A revolution in oral care”, according to Ueli Breitschmid
  • 1996 Patenting of the IAP probes for the measurement of interdental spaces; supplementary IAC instruction cards for patients. Only the correct accessibility combined with maximum brush diameter can protect against gum diseases
  • 1995 Development of the single tuft brush CS Single with CUREN® filaments
  • 1994 Patenting of the denture brush with BDC Omega brush for inner surfaces
  • 1994 Introduction of BDC denture care based on citric acid
  • 1993 Development of CS toothbrushes with CUREN® filaments
  • 1986 Patenting of the adjustable joint holder and click system for interdental brushes
  • 1982 Patenting of the CPS system with the 410 metal holder and the introduction of CPS 10, the finest interdental brushes worldwide
  • 1972 Development and introduction of the LS 631, the finest interdental brush at that time; for the very first time, stainless steel surgery wire ensures maximum stability