CURAPROX, the Swiss oral health professional

「歯ぐきが 恋に落ちるように」


ブランド名「CURAPROX」の名のもと、歯科のプロの方々と共に研究・教育を実行し、「歯を一生涯、健康に保つ」 この1つの目的だけに従事し、商品開発してきました。


スイスの大学教授、歯科医や歯科衛生士そして世界中の数多くのスペシャリストの協力により、口腔ケアにおける真の利益と真の喜びを受けられる製品 ー非外傷性で、効果的ー を開発しました。


When gums fall in love, then it’s thanks to us:

Curaden AG are pioneering experts in oral health and individual dental prophylaxis.

Under the brand name CURAPROX and together with dental professionals in teaching, research and practice, we develop tools that serve one purpose only: to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Our cooperation with Swiss dentists, dental hygienists and university specialists produces a wealth of knowledge about cleaning techniques and dental care – and about products that combine true benefits with real pleasure: atraumatic, effective and accepted.

Curaden AG is a Swiss-owned company based in Kriens near Lucerne. All CURAPROX products have been created and developed in Switzerland since 1972.