Useful helpers

Useful helpers

Useful helpers

For example, something as mundane as a tongue cleaner can ensure that the start of a conversation continues with a smile

Sometimes a bit more is needed

These little helpers are not absolutely essential but are often indispensable. They support oral hygiene, are motivating or can be invaluable  after a tooth accident: the CTC tongue cleaners help to combat halitosis. The PCA 223 Plaquefinder disclosing tablets reveal where cleaning is still needed. The UHS 616 dental mirror offers additional help to view those areas you simply can’t see in a wall mirror. The travel set makes oral hygiene easy when on the move.

Useful helpers - Simply scrape away halitosis

Simply scrape away halitosis

Bad breath can come from bacterial coatings on the tongue, in the tongue fissures, as well in the interdental spaces. The CTC tongue cleaner is amazingly successful. Its anatomically correct shape reduces nausea and its effect can be seen and smelled. Success from the first time you use it.

Useful helpers - Plaquefinder disclosing tablets

Plaquefinder disclosing tablets

CURAPROX plaque-disclosing tablets are valuable helpers with guaranteed success. They reveal plaque in the mouth, clearly showing where extra brushing is needed. Added effect: Plaquefinder is motivating: the best reward is seeing how plaque disappears.

  • Two-colour system: old, structured plaque appears as blue and newly-formed plaque as red
  • Erythrosine-free (E127)
  • Pleasant, fruit flavour

Useful helpers - Using


Chew a plaquefinder disclosing tablet for approx. 30 seconds. The tablet will turn old, structured plaque blue and newly-formed plaque red. Also available as a liquid disclosing solution - PCA 260 Plaquefinder liquid - for professional use. Erythrosine-free (E127).

Useful helpers - All-in-one solution, perfect as a “starter kit” to look after a new implant.

All-in-one solution, perfect as a “starter kit” to look after a new implant.

The gums are very sensitive after dental surgery. CURAPROX has the right tools to help keep your teeth and implant clean and healthy, and assist your gums to recover. To make sure you are satisfied with your implant for a long time, we recommend this implant kit. It is important that you can arrange your oral hygiene so that it is appropriate for your new implant.

Useful helpers - Clean teeth and braces, with fun and success

Clean teeth and braces, with fun and success

Braces make oral hygiene considerably more difficult. Dangerous plaque accumulates in the numerous small gaps and  inaccessible parts of braces. Bits of food and plaque get stuck on the brackets and wires, just like on and between the teeth. This kit offers you all necessary tools to maintain a good oral hygiene.

  • Systematic care: toothbrush, single-tuft brush, interdental brushes and dental floss
  • Simple and effective: all-in-one in the Ortho kit
  • Practical: a Pocket set is included for travel use

Useful helpers - Ortho wax

Ortho wax

The ortho wax comes in a handy case and is transparent and flavourless. It sticks well on brackets and braces to protect the gum from injuries and abrasion.