GTB of the Online Shop



‘CUSTOMERS’ herein means CONSUMERS, who make an offer to the Seller / Supplier to purchase the products.

1. Order of Goods:

All orders placed by the Customers shall on online store are subjected to the Seller’s acceptance. The Invoice will be raised on the Customers against the order placed and goods supplied in terms of the said order. The Seller shall however be at the liberty to accept or refuse any order in full or COD assigning any reasons whatsoever. Amendments to and/or cancellations of orders require the written consent of the seller. Expenses and costs caused by an amendment or cancellation by customers shall be met by the Customers.

2. Price:

Prices are calculated on the basis of the seller’s price lists/quotations valid at the time of receipt of the order. Prices quoted are net in Indian Rupees without deductions (such as rebate or discount), incl. GST, customs and import duties.

3. Examination:

The Customers should check the price, quantity and calculations made in the invoice thoroughly. In case of any discrepancy the same should be brought to the notice of the seller within three days from the date of supply.

4. Intimation of Short Receipt/ Damage: The quantity recorded by the Seller in their dispatch documents shall be the basis for Invoicing and Payment. In case of short receipt/damage receipt Customers shall forthwith intimate in writing any such short receipt/damage receipt of goods with one day from the date of supply.

5. Applicable Taxes:

Any Taxes, Cess or Duties levied by Central, State, Local or any other authority now in force or hereafter be imposed on the sale transportation or supply/delivery of the goods shall be directly paid by the Customers or if directly paid by the Seller, reimbursed to the Seller by the Customers at the rate applicable on the date of invoice.

6. Quality of Goods:

The goods supplied shall be as per the specifications/quality prescribed by the Seller. No transit Shortage/Damage claims shall be entertained by the Seller without Shortage/Damage Certificate duly acknowledged by the carrier.

7. Return of Goods:

Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchange.

8. Insurance:

All arrangements for Transit Insurance and all liability for transit losses shall be decided on a case to case basis and as mutually agreed to between the parties.

9. Delivery:

The delivery of the goods shall be made by the Seller at the address as notified by the Customers. In event of the change of address, the Customers shall intimate the same to the Seller. The Customers shall make all arrangements to take delivery of the goods on the dates informed by the Seller. Subject to stock availability, all items are delivered directly without delay. Deliveries are restricted to India. Delivery Peak time will be 3 working days within Bengaluru, 7 working days within Karnataka and 15 working days for interstate delivery. Exceeding the delivery date does not entitle the Customers either to cancel the contract or to demand compensation.

10. Payment:

All prices stated are final prices that include statutory GST of 18%. The payment should be made only by crossed Cheques, Bank Drafts, Net Banking and Card Payment, etc, in favour of CURADEN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED on any of the Scheduled Banks or any other mode as may be agreed through normal banking channels. In no event any cash payment is to be made against this invoice. In case any cash payment is to be made against this Invoice by the Customers or any person/party on its behalf to the Company or any of its employee/person the same will not be treated as valid payment in discharge of this Invoice and the Customers / person would be doing so at its own risk and consequence. The Customers shall not for any reason suspend payment or make any deduction by the way of set-off. In case any amount is withheld or sought to be set-off/adjusted unless specifically agreed in writing by Authorised Officer of the Company such withholding/ set-off will not be accepted as valid discharge of the payment.

11. Delivery Terms:

The Customers will, in every case examine the goods on taking delivery and thereafter will have no claim again at the Company on account of damage to the goods, shortage in numbers or as to the nature of quality of the goods or any matter whatsoever. Deliveries are restricted to India. Delivery times will be 3 working days within Bengaluru, 7 working days within Karnataka and 15 working days for interstate delivery. If an item is temporarily unavailable, buyers will be informed by e-mail of the expected delivery time conditional on an e-mail address having been provided.

12. Delay in Delivery:

The products ordered shall be delivered in accordance with information provided by the seller in the order confirmation. The Seller will not be responsible for any delay in delivery beyond its own control, but will do its utmost to ensure speedy delivery. Exceeding the delivery date does not entitle the buyer either to cancel the contract or to demand compensation

13. Warranty of Goods:

All products are guaranteed to be up to standard. Any warranties of condition, statutory or otherwise, as to quality of fitness for any purpose is excluded. No claims will be recognized unless notified in writing within 3 days after receipt of goods. The Seller reserves the right to deal with such goods in the best possible manner. The decision of the Seller will be final.

14. Variation in Terms & Conditions:

Any variation in these terms and conditions (including special terms and conditions) shall be inapplicable unless agreed upon in writing by the Seller.