Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS


Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS

Sometimes, chemical plaque control using chlorhexidine (CHX) is essential, for example after operations. Curasept ADS® is CHX that neither causes discoloration nor affects taste. Also contain hyaluronic acid (HA) and polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate (PVP-VA).

With chemical plaque control

This is a full-effect chlorhexidine (CHX) oral rinse that keeps side-effects  to a minimum thanks to its ADS® Anti-Discoloration System: hardly any brown discoloration, absolutely minimum impairment of taste – with maximum CHX effect.

Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS - More and more

More and more

Why do professionals in so many dental practices prescribe CURASEPT ADS® as chlorhexidine treatment? These experts want to be sure that their patients really do carry out this CHX therapy. In contrast to regular CHX rinses, CURASEPT ADS® does not cause any impairment in taste. It also does not cause unattractive brown discoloration of the teeth. Of course, it safely and reliably inhibits bacterial plaque. This effect has been confirmed by randomised, double- and triple-blind studies. The result: CURASEPT ADS® leads to a high level of compliance – for very good reasons.

Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS - CURASEPT ADS® – the system with long-term effect

CURASEPT ADS® – the system with long-term effect

Dentistry without chlorhexidine is unthinkable: CHX  has excellent antibacterial properties plus very high substantivity   which means that it stays where it is and therefore carries on working in the mouth for longer.. This is the long-term effect of chlorhexidine. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to back up this long-term effect. This is why we have created  a matching toothpaste, which also contains chlorhexidine and with ADS® – and free from sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS): SLS affects how CHX works. SLS is a controversial foaming agent found in almost all toothpastes. Curaprox is entirely free of SLS.

Also with HA and PVP-VA

Curasept ADS® Implant and Curasept ADS® Perio also contain hyaluronic acid (HA) and polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate (PVP-VA).

Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS - With HA and PVP-VA: Curasept ADS® Implant and Curasept ADS® Perio

With HA and PVP-VA: Curasept ADS® Implant and Curasept ADS® Perio

In 2015, we launched the next generation of Curasept ADS® mouthwashes. In addition to CHX, ADS® products now also have the active ingredients PVP-VA and hyaluronic acid. These components form an especially effective protective film over teeth, gums and mucous membranes, which boosts the tissue regeneration process and can help to relieve inflammation. The Curasept ADS® Perio and Curasept ADS® Implant mouthwashes prevent the build-up of plaque, promote regeneration and protect the mucous membranes. HP and PVP-VA do not have any undesirable side effects and are harmless even at very high daily doses.

PVP-VA: mucoadhesive action

Polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate (PVP-VA) is a polymer which is highly mucoadhesive and therefore forms a protective film not only over the teeth, but over the gums and mucous membranes too. This protective film of PVP-VA is vital to the healing process in gums that are irritated or have been damaged after surgery. The mechanical protective action prevents the build-up of bacteria and therefore minimises the risk of infection during the healing process.

Curasept ADS® Perio and Implant – the benefits:

• HA promotes regeneration
• PVP-VA forms a protective film over mucous membranes, gums and teeth
• CHX, moderate or high dose, with all the benefits offered by ADS®
• High level of compliance
• Doesn't contain alcohol

Chlorhexidine system CURASEPT ADS - Full CHX effect with minimum side-effects

Full CHX effect with minimum side-effects

Studies have shown that CURASEPT ADS® is effective. These are standard, scientific studies: they are randomised and conducted as double or even triple-blind studies with a sufficiently large number of participants to ensure meaningful conclusions.

For example, three of these studies (Cortellini, Basso and Bernardi, cf. quotations below) come to the following conclusions:

  • CURASEPT ADS® works just how a CHX oral rinse should.
  • In addition, CURASEPT ADS® rarely leads to brown discoloration.
  • CURASEPT ADS® rarely causes changes in taste.

Studies particularly randomised and double- and even triple-blind ones are one aspect. The other is the many dental professionals who use CURASEPT ADS® in their practices not only in Switzerland but all over the world.