Three times a day or evenings only?

Certainly in the evening. And sometimes you should even wait before brushing.

Hasznos segítségek - Certainly in the evening. And sometimes you should even wait before brushing.

When should I be brushing my teeth? Three times a day? After every meal? Scientific studies give the all-clear: it's enough to remove plaque every 24 hours. Before going to bed is best.

However, it's an absolute must then to clean each tooth meticulously.

Hasznos segítségek - Twice a day

Twice a day

Knowing that most people do not take such care, Dental professionals at CURAPROX recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. The time you choose is up to you. A preventive dental professional describes his method like this: during the day, he does a few laps of honour with his toothbrush – mainly to remove food residues. In the evening, however, he takes the time for meticulously careful oral hygiene.

Hasznos segítségek - Why in the evening?

Why in the evening?

At night, when we're asleep, there is very little saliva in our mouths and our lips hardly move. During the day, saliva and lip movements help to remove food residues and plaque. Bacteria and plaque can thus thrive undisturbed during the night. This is why we recommend cleaning your teeth and the gaps between the teeth particularly well before going to bed.

Whether you brush once or twice a day: the experts at CURAPROX advise a precautionary measure: Teeth should not be cleaned immediately after consuming food and drink. A waiting time of at least half an hour is recommended.

Hasznos segítségek - Acid attacks the dental enamel

Acid attacks the dental enamel

Stop Press: Brushing your teeth straight after eating or drinking actually increases the risk of damage to the enamel!

By waiting for half an hour it allows the saliva in the mouth to start its good work and to lower the acidy levels. Brushing at this point is far more effective.