“A personal ‘first’:
praise from my dentist”

Kriens, 8 April 2014 – When Basle area resident Heinz Weisskopf (60) recently went to his dentist for a check-up, he received praise for his oral hygiene for the first time in his life. Since he started using chlorhexidine products by CURASEPT ADS®, his dental health is now in balance.

“A personal ‘first’: praise from my dentist”

Curasept ADS® CHX gel toothpastes contain no SLS foaming agent – this means that the effect of a CHX mouthwash remains unchanged. The Curasept ADS® range even has products suitable for long-term use.

Heinz Weisskopf has a major passion: clock-making. At his home in Waldenburgertal, this father of two grown-up daughters enjoys old clocks like pendules. “Clocks like these should be taken apart, cleaned and freshly oiled every ten years. Then, they’ll be good for generations”, says the experienced draughtsman and technical purchasing officer. And makes the connection to oral hygiene: “A clock’s bearings should never be lubricated with oil during the year. That’s like tooth decay.”

Mr Weisskopf, you are using CURASEPT ADS® oral hygiene products with chlorhexidine every day. How did that happen?
Heinz Weisskopf: Three years ago, my dentist gave me some serious advice. He told me I should see the state of my teeth like a ball in the middle of a flat disc. Where my oral hygiene was concerned, it was up to me to stop this ball from moving.

An alarming diagnosis.
Oral hygiene was not a major concern at home when I grew up in the 1960s. My teeth suffered as a result. Fortunately, my wife introduced me to dental floss. My dental health again improved a bit more when our daughter, Simone, trained to become a dental assistant. However, only CURASEPT ADS® helped me to achieve this balance that the dentist talked about.

Then you’re satisfied with CURASEPT ADS® oral hygiene products?
Satisfied? I’m delighted. When I changed to CURASEPT ADS®, I also switched over to using interdental brushes. These little helpers are just right for my big pockets. I wouldn’t like to be without them now.

How do you use oral hygiene products?
I brush my teeth at least twice a day with CURASEPT ADS® 705 gel toothpaste. I also rinse daily with CURASEPT ADS® 205 mouthwash. And if it’s still painful in spite of everything, CURASEPT ADS® 350 periodontal gel always helps.

Be honest: what would you do if there were no CURASEPT ADS® oral hygiene products?
Then I would not have been praised for my very good dental hygiene on my last visit to the dentist. That has never happened to me before in all my 60 years.

You have now been using CURASEPT ADS® products for three years. Did you experience any side-effects, discoloration or taste irritation? Did you ever want to discontinue treatment?
Not at all. I haven’t seen any side-effects or any additional discoloration.

How important to you is health in general and dental health in particular?
I have never been keen on sport; I prefer using my hands. I also smoke even though my dentist is strongly against it. Since I can’t stop smoking, good dental hygiene is particularly important for me – and CURASEPT ADS® products make this easy. What’s more: since I’ve been using CURASEPT ADS® 205 mouthwash, I’ve had no more sore throats. Coincidence or what?

CURASEPT ADS® – CHX, that perfectly works

«Plaque and Gingival Index have shown a similar trend, both with a traditional mouthwash with Chlorhexidine and with a mouthwash with Chlorhexidine+ADS®.»

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«After a fortnight, no remarkable differences were found between a mouthwash containing Chlorhexidine only and another one with Chlorhexidine+ADS®, as for Plaque Index and Gingival Index.»

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«Chlorhexidine with ADS® is as efficient in reducing the signs of gum inflammation, in comparison to a mouthwash exclusively with Chlorhexidine.»

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