Hard or soft bristles?

CURAPROX CS 5460 toothbrush: thousands of soft CUREN® filaments are tough on plaque.

Hasznos segítségek - CURAPROX CS 5460 toothbrush: thousands of soft CUREN® filaments are tough on plaque.

Hard bristles combined with the wrong brushing technique are frequently to blame for receding gums. People who prefer toothbrushes with hard bristles often use far too much pressure – even if they clean with small, circular movements, as dental professionals recommend, instead of scrubbing back and forth.

Young adults, in particular, damage the gum line with hard toothbrushes. It is all the more disastrous since it is done in the belief that they are doing something good for their teeth and gums. Young people in particular pay very close attention to oral hygiene and thus tend to damage the sulcus (gum line) with too frequent and too powerful brushing with bristles that are too hard.

Hasznos segítségek - Hard bristles reinforce excessive pressure

Hard bristles reinforce excessive pressure

Damage is caused when excessive pressure is transferred to the gum line and gums with medium hard or even hard bristles. What is different about this traumatization is that you cannot feel it. The consequences: sulcus and gums slowly recede and, over time, the neck of the teeth become exposed and very sensitive to pain.

Dental professionals in research, teaching and practice therefore recommend toothbrushes with soft, fine bristles: if bristles are soft, they cannot do any harm. If they are also fine, they can access the sulcus particularly well, where they gently remove harmful bacteria. This is important, since this inaccessible and easily damaged area is where bacteria accumulate in particularly large numbers.

Hasznos segítségek - 5,460 reasons for soft toothbrushes

5,460 reasons for soft toothbrushes

A CURAPROX CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush meets all these criteria. Its bristles, or filaments as they are called, are so fine that they easily access the important grooves between tooth and gum to clean gently without damage. CURAPROX toothbrushes use CUREN® filaments. CUREN® absorbs considerably less water than nylon, which is used for bristles in other standard toothbrushes. CUREN® also remains stable even when wet so the toothbrush head does not splay and retains its shape for longer.

Hasznos segítségek - Dense, gentle cleaning surface

Dense, gentle cleaning surface

These 5,460 filaments, an exceptionally high number of filaments, are densely arranged on a compact brush head. This ensures high-level efficiency: with each brushing motion, a CURAPROX CS5460 ultra soft removes far more plaque than the widely spaced bristles of hard toothbrushes.

If this is accompanied by the correct brushing technique, a lot has already been done for excellent oral health.