Dentist Milan Stojanovic:
«This compliance is fantastic»

Kriens, 22 October 2012 – Hardly any visible brown discoloration of the teeth, no taste interference and with full chlorhexidine effect: Milan Stojanovic, dentist in Niederbipp, Switzerland, swears by CHX treatment with CURASEPT ADS®.

Dentist Milan Stojanovic: «This compliance is fantastic»

Dr. med. dent. Milan Stojanovic: «Patients suffer no further bone loss, and therefore pocket depth does not continue to increase.»

Dr. Stojanovic, in which situations do you use CURASEPT ADS®?
Milan Stojanovic: CURASEPT ADS® chlorhexidine treatment is used throughout the entire spectrum of dental medicine among patients of all ages and for all prophylactic requirements – for children with orthodontic devices, for adult periodontitis patients and for the elderly as additional protection and prophylaxis.

And how often?
Initially, we only used CURASEPT ADS® tentatively, now it's standard treatment, particularly for children with fixed orthodontic devices and after surgical interventions for advanced periodontitis.

What results are you aiming at with CURASEPT ADS® CHX treatment?
Using CURASEPT ADS® for children with fixed orthodontic devices, we achieve important stabilisation of the gingiva situation while optimising oral hygiene: gums heal and become firmer; bleeding stops. Adult patients, for whom bleeding gums is nevertheless a cardinal symptom, are themselves aware of how their gums settle down. They are encouraged by the improvement in their dental hygiene and pleased with their newly regained oral health.

How is this expressed? Do you get compliments?
Numerous compliments. We have incredibly nice patients who express their thanks properly – with croissants for the dental practice team, with flowers, with homemade cupcakes. And patients frequently buy products from the CURASEPT ADS® range for the whole family on the spot ...

Do you sell CURASEPT ADS® like toothpaste or toothbrushes? Isn't a diagnosis required first for CURASEPT ADS®, which is still a chlorhexidine rinse?
Yes, of course a diagnosis is needed and an indication for the use of CHX. However, we explain it all thoroughly to patients and stress that, in particular, the 205/705 products can also be used daily and for a longer period of time. It's then self-evident that the rest of the family will also use the product. What's good about such situations is that results and effects can also be observed for all family members.

And how is the result translated into dentistry terms?
Periodontal treatment with CURASEPT ADS® combined with hygienic or surgical measures has a stabilising effect that we repeatedly notice in the recall. Patients suffer no further bone loss, and therefore pocket depth does not continue to increase.

Critics might ask what works first: mechanical or chemical treatment? And whether the result would not be identical using other products?
Based on scientific studies, we know that pure CHX is effective but has the well-known side-effects such as brown discoloration of the teeth and taste irritation. In contrast, the chlorhexidine in CURASEPT ADS® is effective without discoloration thanks to the Anti Discoloration System ADS®. Anyone who has ever had CHX treatment knows how unpleasant taste changes can be. Our patients subjectively feel that treatment with CURASEPT ADS® is better – but with the same clinical result.

In conclusion then, would you say that compliance among your patients is better than treatment with pure chlorhexidine?
Thanks to ADS®, cooperation with the dentist is fantastic. Patients being treated with pure CHX who notice discoloration after two or three days and find it repulsive often discontinue treatment. In contrast, we notice that compliance is much better with CURASEPT ADS®. Patients see that the treatment is starting to work. They are delighted to continue using it ...

...and remain loyal to their dentist as a result...
...for which we give them a pat on the back. The graduated CHX concentration from 0.05 to 1.0 per cent in CURASEPT ADS® products also plays an important role. No matter whether as toothpaste or rinse solution: the system permits targeted treatment depending on the severity of the dental intervention needed and the patient's state of oral health, the depth of the pockets, the focal progress of periodontitis or peri-implantitis as well as the necessity for implants, bridges or crowns. Thanks to these different concentrations we also achieve good, long-term results as we can see from the number of products sold. CHX oral spray has recently closed a product gap for people on the go for work and leisure.

An in-vitro study questions the efficacy of CURASEPT ADS® and posits that the Anti-Discoloration System based on vitamin C prevents the desired adhesion of chlorhexidine on the teeth. What do you think of that in your work, in vivo as it were?
What works in a test tube often appears differently in practice – and vice versa. The efficacy of CURASEPT ADS® in practice has been proved. Studies conducted by Cortellini, Basso and Bernardi have shown how well CURASEPT ADS® works and these are all in-vivo studies, in other words studies with real patients, not in laboratory situations. As I said, in our general dental practice the focus is on the practical aspect of the ADS® system – and it works.

Thank you for talking to us, Dr. Stojanovic.

Dr. med. dent. Milan Stojanovic, 47, studied dental medicine in Berne and has been running his own dental practice in Niederbipp, canton Berne since 1996. The general practitioner and local schools' dentist is head of the emergency dental service in Oberaargau, has taught for more than ten years at the BSDA dental assistant school in Berne and is a speaker for eCligner aligners throughout eastern Europe. His practice has about 8,000 patients with an average age of around 40. Interview and picture: Serge Hediger