With CURAPROX products, “I always have a piece of home with me”

Martina Hingis has been CURAPROX’s brand ambassador since the beginning of 2016. In this interview, she speaks about brushing her teeth and why she never leaves the house without the CURAPROX Superduo in her sports bag.

With CURAPROX products, “I always have a piece of home with me”



Martina Hingis, we are all convinced that you are the perfect global ambassador for our brands.

Hopefully! We are all professionals after all. My appearances so far for CURAPROX have all been great. It has been fun, and brushing my teeth with such amazing products has added to that. It is wonderful that I have been able to win a few tournaments wearing the CURAPROX logo as the Curaden brand ambassador.



How did you first find out about our products?

My dentist gave me some CURAPROX products and I was impressed. Oral hygiene has always been very important to me, and now that I have all this extra knowledge, it is even more important!



Everything begins in the mouth, even our overall health. Air, water and food are all taken in through the mouth.

Exactly, overall health begins in the mouth so that is where success has to start. I can see that myself: in professional tennis, it is very important that everything is right both mentally and physically—and that starts with the mouth. We all know how much toothache can affect us. With a good taste and a clean mouth, we can start the day feeling wonderfully refreshed, and pleasant breath makes me feel more confident. This makes oral hygiene even more rewarding. It is simple: the right products make my life so much easier.



We hear you are even hard at work as our perfect ambassador among your friends.

I travel around the world a great deal and am discovering just how popular Swiss-manufactured brands are. My home country stands for quality, symbolised by the world-famous Swiss cross. With CURAPROX’s efficient and sophisticated products, I always have a piece of home with me as I travel around the globe. Furthermore, these toothbrushes make the best, colourful souvenirs, in addition to promoting health.



What is your favourite thing about CURAPROX products?

The experience that I always have is of going back to basics. A simple approach is often more effective—as the saying goes: reduce to the max. I like to use a manual toothbrush instead of a sonic one. The CS 5460 ultra-soft is based on a 40-year-old design that incorporates modern technology with its 5,460 fine, rounded filaments. This means that I do not have to scrub for half an hour, just use gentle movements to achieve perfect oral health & a perfect winning smile!



What routine do you follow when brushing your teeth?

I genuinely really enjoy cleaning my teeth: I clean them in the morning when I wake up and at night before bed—without exception—and if I am out and about or in a hotel after a meal, or whenever I have an unpleasant feeling in my mouth. I recently started carrying a CURAPROX Superduo toothbrush and interdental brush set in my racket bag so I can have a quick clean wherever I am, whenever.



You are 36 now. Do you have a career plan for after you turn 40?

[Laughs warmly] No, I take life as it comes. I am looking forward to my next few tournaments and the whole season. I do not plan years in advance, just for the next few years, during which I will be able to continue to represent CURAPROX.



(Interview: Mathias Haehl)