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Dental floss & Toothpicks

CUPRAPROX dental floss & toothpicks

Floss used in interdental spaces where teeth are tightly packed together can be very effective. However, not all interdental spaces are the same and so consideration needs to be given to the best cleaning method for all. To be honest, we actually have three reasons for disliking dental floss: firstly, it’s not easy to use effectively. Secondly, it stretches tautly across concave surfaces and often fails to clean them properly, if at all. Thirdly, it can even cut into the gum causing bleeding. However saying this, people who know how to use dental floss correctly are able to clean the gaps that even the smallest interdental brush, such as our CPS 06 prime, is unable to reach: between the front teeth and some of the side teeth. Ask your dental professional which gaps you should clean with dental floss and which to clean with an interdental brush, making sure you are clear on which size brush to use where.

Useful helpers - Whether for natural teeth or implants: dental floss is sometimes necessary

Whether for natural teeth or implants: dental floss is sometimes necessary

The front teeth, particularly the lower ones, are often very close together. So close that not even our CPS prime 06 interdental brush can be used. Dental floss is perfect in cases like these. Dental floss can also be very useful for implant care; fleecy thread is recommended for this, but always remember to use it correctly and carefully.

Useful helpers - The loop method

The loop method

Take a piece of dental floss about 50 cm long, put both ends together and make a double knot. Try to make a loop that goes fairly closely over four fingers. If the loop is too big, the dental floss is difficult to control. There should only be a minimum gap between thumb and index finger and this allows you to control the dental floss safely and easily without cutting heavily into the gum. With this minimum gap, you can now control the dental floss safely and easily.

Useful helpers - Fleecy thread, the current status: DF 845 implant & braces

Fleecy thread, the current status: DF 845 implant & braces

Crowns, bridges, implants as well as braces - they all represent very special challenges when cleaning. CURAPROX now has a very special dental floss: fleecy thread DF 845 implant & braces. The fleecy central area fills the space gently and cleans with maximum efficiency - and is particularly easy to use: threaders at both ends make it easy to access even the narrowest gaps between the teeth and the fleecy section slides just as easily through them as it does under the wires fitted to orthodontic devices such as braces. And remember: threaders are not softened by saliva and thus remain strong without swelling up. And when travelling, thanks to the handy dental floss box, DF 845 implant & braces is always on hand.

Useful helpers - People think that dental floss is just dental floss

People think that dental floss is just dental floss

A decision we have taken for you: we do not have any unwaxed dental floss in our product range. The risk of injury posed by unwaxed dental floss is too great. However, waxed dental floss slides perfectly through the contact points and thus reduces the risk of injury. Apart from that, you have a choice: with mint flavour, as fleecy thread in different thicknesses, with or without integral dental floss, as dental tape or floss, with a PTFE coating or as a combination of toothpick and dental floss.


DF 834, DF 841 3 in 1 floss, DF 843 3 in 1 Periofloss, DF 844 bridge & implant, DF 845 implant & braces, DF 820: PTFE floss tape, DF 966 flosspic

Useful helpers - Toothpicks


Since Lucky Luke stopped smoking, he has been coolly chewing on a blade of grass. However, grass would be too soft to replace a toothpick. Nor is wood the right material – it becomes ragged and can be harmful. This is why our toothpicks are made of quite different materials. Maybe that’s cool, too, but it’s definitely safe and useful.

  • Made of nylon, plastic or special synthetic material
  • Flexible to rigid
  • Simple or flocked tip

Useful helpers - Tooth-friendly materials

Tooth-friendly materials

The toothpick TP 930 Brushpic is made of nylon: rigid, fine and with a flocked tip. The tooth and tartar pick TP 945 Tartar-stix is highly innovative: made of high-grade mineralised special synthetic material. And the TP 917 Dentastix made of flexible synthetic material is anything but ordinary.

Alle Zahnhölzer

TP 930 brushpic, TP 945 tartar stix, TP 917 dentastix