International Student Activities

The place to be for dental students and dental professionals who have graduated from any European university within the last two years. At our international student events, you’ll meet like-minded people, attend an iTOP seminar, improve your practical skills and enjoy great networking. It’s a great way to expand your oral hygiene knowledge – with tons of socialising and outdoor action. Check out our events and decide whether you’d prefer a short city trip or want to join us for a whole week – fun and learning guaranteed with both! CURAPROX Student Camps

iTOP for Students

CURADEN for the Future of Dentistry

CURADEN has cared about future generations of dental professionals for many years now. We believe that they are key in making the preventive mindset part of today’s dentistry.

Highly educated dental students mean great coaches, life-long tooth preservation and, last but not least, improved overall health for all patients. Our investment in the next generation is a great opportunity for you as a dental student!


iTOP for Students – Plaque away in Prague

Spend one weekend in the beautiful city of Prague while participating in an iTOP seminar for students. Meet other future dentists and dental professionals while learning all about iTOP. iTOP - ‘individually trained oral prophylaxis’ means learning about proper oral hygiene and the right motivation to implement these redefined skills on a daily basis both on yourself and on your patients.

This helps you keep on smiling, as well as supporting you in your job as a dentist. Think about it: what dentist would you choose? One that needs your teeth to be unhealthy in order to make money, or one that can instruct you on how to keep healthy and brush your biofilm away?

Really - gently, friendly, with a smile! Visit our Facebook page.

» iTOP for Students in Prague, April 2018Application start: February 1st 2018

» iTOP for Students in Prague, November 2018Application start: September 1st 2018


Curaden Student Camp – Adventure'n’Brush with Us

iTOP meets adventure and fun! One week filled with sun, practicing cleaning techniques, surfing or canoeing, connecting with like-minded people and improving your dental knowledge. How great does that sound? You’ll experience all of this at our summer camps on the beach or in the rainforest. The perfect balance between learning new skills as a budding dentist & enjoying your summer vacation with others.

Ready - enjoy and brush your biofilm away with us!

» Curaden Student Camp in Europe, 21.-27.07.18 Application start: April 1st 2018

» Curaden Student Camp in South America, 18.- 24.08.18 Application start: June 1st 2018

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