CURAPROX for babies and infants

Babies and infants

CURAPROX for babies and infants

Thanks to biofunctionality, the CURAPROX Baby products work in perfect harmony with the natural development of every aspect of your baby’s mouth, from their jaw and teeth to their breathing.

Altri strumenti utili - Health starts in the mouth

Health starts in the mouth

CURAPROX Baby products help parents to get their children used to regularly brushing without the tears. The CURAPROX Baby teething ring and toothbrush are perfect yet gentle tools to use with a baby and toddler making dental care both fun and enjoyable. Having a more playful approach to oral hygiene at a young age ensures that milk teeth and in turn subsequent adult teeth get the very best start in life. Milk teeth are the placeholders for subsequent adult teeth and support the development of speech as well as of the jaw and face. A lot of damage can be prevented with the correct, gentle products. The need for orthodontic treatment in teenagers is often caused by using the wrong pacifier in early years. CURAPROX works with experts to ensure that babies get the gentlest oral care right from the very start.

Altri strumenti utili - the biofunctional soother

the biofunctional soother

The use of ordinary soothers leads to jaw and tooth displacements. This in turn can lead to a broad range of health problems, including impaired breathing, sleeping and swallowing disorders, difficulties concentrating, poor posture and more.

The CURAPROX Baby soother, which was developed by Dr of Dental Science Herbert Pick, prevents both aesthetic and health-related difficulties that result from the use of regular soothers. It does this with biofunctionality: The soother is designed in a manner that ensures no displacements or damage result from its use under ordinary conditions, due to the fact that the soother leaves enough room for the tongue and palate to develop normally. The palate doesn‘t take on a high-arched shape and the upper dental arch develops a nice round shape. This soother from CURAPROX Baby marks a breakthrough for both oral and general health.

Altri strumenti utili - Tranquillizza anche i genitori

Tranquillizza anche i genitori

Denti sani – fin dall'inizio. Il nostro succhiotto brevettato aiuta a prevenire un allineamento incorretto del morso e una deformazione della mascella, come possono essere provocati dai succhiotti standard. Il nostro dentaruolo è dotato anche di un sonaglietto integrato e di uno spazzolino massaggiante e prepara quindi la bocca del lattante al suo primo, vero spazzolino. E il nostro spazzolino CURAkid è il passo successivo, quando spuntano i primi dentini. È morbidissimo ed eccezionalmente delicato – garantendo una prevenzione efficace fin dall'inizio.

Altri strumenti utili - Per evitare l'apparecchio ortodontico

Per evitare l'apparecchio ortodontico

Non esiste un metodo migliore per evitare le conseguenze a lungo termine e le irregolarità come il morso crociato, il morso forzato o l'occlusione retrusiva – se non rinunciare del tutto al succhiotto. Questo non sempre è fattibile, però grazie alla forma speciale del succhiotto CURAPROX potete lasciare tranquillamente che il vostro bambino usi il succhiotto. Sviluppato dallo specialista di ortodonzia Dr. Herbert Pick.

Altri strumenti utili - Too much pressure is harmful

Too much pressure is harmful

Standard pacifiers often result in occlusions and jaw deformation: they exert strong pressure on the roof of the mouth. This pressure is intensified by the vacuum created by suction. With a CURAPROX pacifier, the roof of the mouth develops without any pressure and no vacuum is created.


Altri strumenti utili - Features of the CURAPROX Baby soother

Features of the CURAPROX Baby soother

  • The flat tip and side wings prevent crossbite and ensure that the dental arch develops properly
  • The palate doesn’t take on a high-arched shape; mouth breathing is prevented promoting normal nose breathing
  • The flat shaft prevents an open bite; the shield projects away from the jaw to prevent retrusive occlusion
  • The oscillating silicone membrane helps prevent swallowing disorders 
  • A natural breast feeling supports calm sucking by the baby
  • The textured surface serves as a separator that ensures that the saliva dries quickly under the membrane and doesn’t cause any skin irritation
  • Biofunctionality promotes natural growth processes
  • Completely safe to use - free from harmful Bisphenol (BPA) or Phthalates or Azo dyes

Altri strumenti utili - the holder

the holder

Soothers and teething rings often fall on the fl oor where they get dirty, can get contaminated or even go missing.

The practical and stylish holder is the perfect protection for the soother – and for the teething ring as well. It makes the annoying dropping and cleaning a thing of the past – and it also prevents soothers from getting lost.

  • Hook-and-loop fastener ensures easy fastening on the soother shield / teething ring
  • Simple and secure adhesive mechanism
  • Completely safe to use - free from harmful Bisphenol (BPA) or Phthalates or Azo dyes

Altri strumenti utili - Arouses curiosity and soothes pain

Arouses curiosity and soothes pain

Our CURAPROX Baby teething ring with massage toothbrush and rattle soothes teething pains and discomfort without the need for analgesics. In addition, their oral-tactile, visual and acoustic stimuli promote the development of innate curiosity and can be used safely from 8 weeks old. Our massaging and learning toothbrushes prepare infants for the follow-up CURAPROX toothbrush. Developed in cooperation with Dr med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff at the University of Berne, Switzerland. This is the CURAPROX teething ring.

Altri strumenti utili - Features of the CURAPROX Baby teething ring

Features of the CURAPROX Baby teething ring

  • Rattle with coloured balls to help keep interest and develop hand to eye coordination
  • Gripping, feeling, seeing and hearing: varied surfaces in varying degrees of hardness
  • A baby discovers exciting surface structures with tongue and palate
  • Massaging and learning toothbrush: its stimulating elements prepare a child for its first toothbrush
  • Made from materials that are biocompatible and resistant to saliva, breaking and biting
  • Infants love CURAbaby for its exciting surfaces, materials and sounds

Altri strumenti utili - Gentle and playful when the first tooth appears

Gentle and playful when the first tooth appears

At last, babies and toddlers are able to enjoy having their teeth cleaned once their first tooth appears. Using our unique CUREN® filaments little ones are assured a happy and gentle approach to their daily brushing alongside a damage free experience to the delicate oral mucosa. The CURAkid brush head is also very narrow and protected by a soft plastic covering so that nothing in the mouth can be hurt. The CURAkid toothbrush has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Adrian Lussi and Dr. med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff at the University of Berne. This is the CURAkid CK 4260 super soft toothbrush.

Altri strumenti utili - Pure perfetto per i bambini: l'ATA

Pure perfetto per i bambini: l'ATA

Applicare pressione quando si lavano i denti è quasi impossibile. Perché? Il manico rotondo non ha nessun incavo per il pollice e induce a tenerlo soltanto con le dita. È quasi impossibile impugnarlo e ciò contribuisce a ridurre al minimo la pressione. Questo rende l'ATA uno spazzolino ideale per imparare a lavarsi i denti prima di passare da un CS 5460 ultra soft a un CS single: ci si allena a lavare ogni singolo dente e a usare le setole soffici senza pressione. Eccellente come spazzolino per i bambini. Nella Repubblica Ceca l'ATA 2012 è stato designato "Spazzolino dell'anno per i bambini".

  • Particolarmente piccolo, testa invertita
  • 4'200 filamenti di CUREN® di 0.1 mm di diametro
  • Manico rotondo senza incavo per il pollice: evita una pressione eccessiva
  • Sviluppato in collaborazione con l'Università di Berna, Svizzera

Altri strumenti utili - Features of the CURAPROX Baby toothbrush

Features of the CURAPROX Baby toothbrush

  • Extra-narrow brush head
  • Protective plastic coating to prevent injuries to the oral mucosae
  • 4,260 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter
  • Rounded handle without a thumb depression prevents excessive pressure
  • Supporting base
  • Developed in cooperation with the University of Berne, Switzerland