Curaprox toothbrushes


Curaprox toothbrushes

This is the gum line, the sulcus. Cleaning this gap banishes bacteria and prevents inflammation. How? Gently, with fine, soft toothbrushes.

Sulcus care, ultrafine

Since we introduced them, we have made no changes to our CS toothbrushes - and why should we? Dentists and dental hygienists enthusiastically recommend them, and our customers are just as enthusiastic: One was even heard saying: «I think my gums have fallen in love!» People who simply enjoy beautiful minimalist design are delighted by our CS toothbrushes and their rainbow of colours. The secret of all our toothbrushes – for children or adults, specialist or CS – is in the bristles: our toothbrushes do not use nylon bristles but filaments made of CUREN®, which are incredibly gentle and fine.

Useful helpers - Plaque’s toughest enemy: the gentleness of CUREN® filaments

Plaque’s toughest enemy: the gentleness of CUREN® filaments

Why do our CS toothbrushes look like they do and why are they so soft, gentle and effective? The most important part of any toothbrush is its bristles. At CURAPROX, unlike other toothbrush companies, we do not use nylon to make our bristles, instead we use very fine filaments made of CUREN®. CUREN® allows the bristles to be very fine ensuring there is no  damage to the gums as well as  feeling incredibly good when brushing.

Useful helpers - Efficient cleaning surface thanks to densely packed CUREN® filaments

Efficient cleaning surface thanks to densely packed CUREN® filaments

What is more, we can line up a lot (and that means a lot) of these filaments on the head of our brush. In total on a CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush there are 5,460 individual 0.1 mm-fine filaments making it really an ultra soft brush. The result is an unparalleled cleaning surface on an ultracompact brush head – making all parts of the mouth easy to reach.

Useful helpers - By comparison

By comparison

A standard toothbrush has 500 - 800, at best perhaps a 1,000 bristles loosely arranged. The thousands of densely packed, soft CUREN® filaments make all the difference. You can tell how many filaments are in our toothbrushes as the clue is in the name CS 5460. The higher the number of the brush, the greater the number of filaments arranged on the brush head.

Normal brush with approx. 500-800 bristles: between the individual bristles, a large amount of plaque gets left on the teeth. CURAPROX CS toothbrushes remove and disrupt plaque more thoroughly – thanks to the extremely dense bristles

Useful helpers - Small, compact head

Small, compact head

There are some places in the mouth that are not that easy to reach for some toothbrushes: behind the upper molars for example, as well as the insides of the upper and lower front teeth. All CURAPROX toothbrushes are designed so that not only do they access these areas well, but also clean them perfectly: This is thanks to the small, compact brush head.

Useful helpers - Perfect placement thanks to its octagonal handle: half on the tooth, half on the gum

Perfect placement thanks to its octagonal handle: half on the tooth, half on the gum

Added to this is the octagonal handle, which helps position the toothbrush at the correct angle, i.e. at a slight angle, half on the gum and half on the tooth, so that not only the tooth, but also the important gum line are cleaned gently and effectively

Useful helpers - Global innovation: 7,600 bristles!

Global innovation: 7,600 bristles!

The CS smart is smaller – yet bigger: developed for children over the age of 5, our CS smart children’s toothbrush looks just like the CS 5460 ultra soft, the version for grown-ups. Actually, it is somewhat smaller – yet in one respect somewhat bigger. The big version has 5,460 individual ultrafine Curen® filaments – at which the CS smart can only smile: it has an incredible 7,600 Curen® filaments and these are even finer, with a diameter of only 0.08mm. Hardly surprising that children aren’t the only ones who love the fineness of the CS smart. Dental professionals who tested them are simply delighted – and recommend adults to try them out, too.

Useful helpers - CS smart

CS smart

  • Developed for children over the age of 5
  • Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing
  • 7,600 CUREN® filaments, 0.08 mm
  • Octagonal handle for the correct angle
  • Incredibly soft, gentle and effective
  • Adults love it, too!

Useful helpers - Cleaning technique for dance fans

Cleaning technique for dance fans

How should I clean my teeth? The trick is to use as little pressure as possible. But above all move your brush in small circlular movements. Finding it difficult? Then try this: Relax, put on some South American music – salsa, samba, something like that. And now let the cleaning movements come from the hips, and just like you’re now swinging your hips, run your toothbrush over your teeth: in small, gentle circles.

Useful helpers - The CS 5460 ortho for braces

The CS 5460 ortho for braces

This toothbrush has a unique bracket groove. In the past, it was something of a challenge to get braces and teeth properly clean, but now there is the CS 5460 ortho with its special, brace-friendly groove. 5,460 CUREN® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully giving superb results.

Useful helpers - A CS single is the right choice for the motivated

A CS single is the right choice for the motivated

Is that really a toothbrush? There’s no better way to brush teeth: tooth by tooth to get the gum line perfectly clean and it is easy on the gums. Jiri Sedelmayer († 2019) developed the cleaning technique, the solo technique as it is called, and CURAPROX designed the single tuft brush that is just right for this type of cleaning: not only does it have our CUREN® filaments, but it also has a nicely rounded tuft head. Why is this important? The brush and tuft head have been designed so the filaments match the gum line anatomy perfectly. The CS single is also recommended for people with braces and implants – or just for the simple pleasure of brushing perfectly, simply amazing results.

Useful helpers - Brushing damage? ATA helps

Brushing damage? ATA helps

Our ATA toothbrush is quite simply a stroke of luck for people with brushing damage: it’s almost impossible to brush teeth with any pressure using the ATA. This is because the round handle has no depression for the thumb and motivates people to hold it with the fingers. It is practically impossible to grip it with the fist and this helps reduce pressure of brushing to a minimum. It makes the ATA the ideal training toothbrush: the technique of cleaning each tooth individually is trained just as exactly as is using soft bristles without pressure. And once the pressure is removed, the gums can recover and even regenerate.

Useful helpers - The post-surgical tooth toothbrush: CS surgical mega soft

The post-surgical tooth toothbrush: CS surgical mega soft

It isn’t easy to maintain oral hygiene after oral operations, with inflammation and during irradiation of the oral cavity. Extra-special gentle care is needed, and with this in mind the CS surgical mega soft toothbrush has been created. This brush has more than 12,000 ultrafine filaments, each with a diameter of only 0.06 mm, making it extremely soft on gums and teeth. Being designed specifically for post-surgical brushing this truly is the finest brush of its type. Developed in collaboration with Prof. N. P. Lang, Clinic for Dental Care at the University of Berne.

Useful helpers - The flexible handle. And seven tufts. The CS 708 implant | ortho

The flexible handle. And seven tufts. The CS 708 implant | ortho

The ideal alternative to “I can’t reach there”. The CS 708 can get to difficult-to-reach areas with no problems since it can be easily bent. Thanks to the bend in the handle, it cleans at just the right angle. What’s more, the head is both extremely small and very compact. Seven tufts of fine Curen® filaments remove plaque wherever it easily builds up: on implants, fixed dentures, wires, brackets, lingual braces. Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Kirsten Warrer and Prof. Dr. Hugo Roberto Lewgoy.

Useful helpers - Gentle and playful approach from the first tooth with CURAkid

Gentle and playful approach from the first tooth with CURAkid

At last, babies and toddlers are able to enjoy having their teeth cleaned once their first tooth appears. Using our unique CUREN® filaments little ones are assured a happy and gentle approach to their daily brushing alongside a damage free experience to the delicate oral mucosa. The CURAkid brush head is also very narrow and protected by a soft plastic covering so that nothing in the mouth can be hurt.This brush has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Adrian Lussi and Dr. med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff at the University of Berne.