Interdental care: How beginners get it right

Interdental care: How beginners get it right

You are about to revolutionise your oral hygiene. The following tips will help you to turn interdental care into a perfectly normal part of your daily oral hygiene. CURAPROX interdental brushes will keep your teeth clean all over – and healthy for a lifetime.

The right size is vital

Since the gaps between people’s teeth vary, CURAPROX interdental brushes are available in different sizes. Ideally, you need to select the right size for each interdental space with the help of your dentist or dental hygienist. This is important as a brush that is too small cannot completely clean the gaps between your teeth and an excessively large brush can damage your gums.

The right quality

The wire used for an interdental brush has to be very thin and the bristles as fine and as long as possible. This enables an interdental brush to fill the entire gap between two teeth gently and with care.

The umbrella effect

The bristles also need to be extremely elastic to allow them to expand fully in the interdental gaps – and clean the teeth perfectly. This is achieved thanks to our  umbrella effect.

No force required

Never force an interdental brush between your teeth. Have the right size of CPS prime determined by an expert.

Once a day

Just once in and once out every day. This is quite sufficient given the quality of your CPS prime – and turns oral hygiene into a quick and easy task.

At the very start

Do not be shocked if your gums bleed at the beginning. This does not mean an injury, but inflammation caused by hidden old plaque. This reaction is perfectly normal in the first week. Your CPS prime will soon deal with this inflammation and the bleeding will stop.

Your success

If there is no more bleeding after a week, you have been successful: the inflammation is receding – and the risk of periodontitis has been averted. If the bleeding continues for some time, you should contact your dentist without delay.

Different size

This success also means that the swelling has gone down: the interdental space has therefore increased in size a little with the result that you now probably need a larger CPS prime. Ask your dental professional for advice.

Get advice

Dental professionals can tell you exactly which sizes you need and they will also show you the right way to use them.

Everybody’s different

Every mouth, every tooth and every gap, too. This means that optimum cleaning must be adjusted to suit a person’s individual anatomy, age and abilities. Get advice from experts on how to do it. Perfect, gentle and effective teeth cleaning is not something you can learn just by reading about it.

Get help from a professional

Have your cleaning methods checked regularly by your dental professional. They will tell you precisely which gaps need cleaning with dental floss and which gaps can be cleaned with interdental brushes.